Monthly:July 2020

Capturing Baby Langur

Capturing Baby Langur July 22, 2020 He went bouncing around from branch to branch, hanging and swinging; smiling and frowning; squealing and yelping. He looked at his mother with innocence in the eyes, and mischief in the smile. She frowned at him and hid him in her lap. We waited for a glimpse of the baby. He peeped out of the lap right when he got the chance, as the mother heard a call — the alarm call of an […]

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Emergence July 15, 2020 Big cats appear out of nowhere, but before that happens, it can be a frustratingly long wait. Desperate for a sighting, one might have to spend idle hours with a sinking feeling taking firmer hold by the minute as the sun traverses the sky.   And then, sitting exhausted and irked in your jeep, you hear a Langur’s shrill shout announcing the presence of the star. Binoculars in hand, you get to your feet with anticipation rushing […]

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