Five Day Photography Marathon

Theme: Golden Hour

Basics & Advanced


October 2nd, 2021 to October 16th, 2021




Indian Nationals: Rs. 6,850/- Others: $109


“Photography — wildlife or any other kind — can be learned piecemeal, which so many self-taught photographers have done, and in no way is the work of those photographers inferior to the work of formally trained photographers, of which there are just as many and just as excellent. 

However, over the years as I learned photography and later started teaching the craft to the beginners, I realized that it just takes a lot of time and a lot of fiddling with the camera settings to get a good hang of elementary things, which otherwise could be taught in a few hours or so. And there are short courses for the specifics of photography, but a comprehensive course to understand photography, I thought, could serve as a sturdy and dependable block to build one’s photography upon.

With that thought in mind, I bring to you a detailed course on photography, wherein you will be learning about the very basics of operating a DSLR to shooting images like a true professional. 

I have designed the course keeping in mind the situations we face in the field, the complexities of a modern-day DSLR and the time constraints all of us face these days. I sincerely hope this helps you sharpen your skills a bit, and pick up a few new ones.”

— Aarzoo Khurana  


Session One (October 2nd, 2021)

  • Introduction to a Digital SLR Camera 
  • DSLR V. Mirrorless
  • Exposure Triangle
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Concept of Depth of field/Bokeh
  • Rules of Composition

Session Two (October 3rd 2021)

  • Metering Modes
  • Camera modes
  • Image formats
  • Understanding Histogram
  • White balance

Session Three (October 9th, 2021)

  • The concept of Auto-focusing
  • AF Modes
  • AF Points and their working
  • AF Area Modes
  • Back-button focusing
  • Using Teleconverters 

Session Four (October 10th, 2021)

  • Golden Light photography
  • Birds in Flight
  • Building portfolio
  • Growing social media
  • Assignments

Session Five: Post-Processing (October 16, 2021)

  • Lightroom Classic Basic processing
  • Noise Reduction and Sharpening
  • Golden Hour Images (Workflow)
  • Creating your own Watermark
  • How to import and export images in different formats
  • Creating Pre-sets 

Please Note

- All the sessions will be Live

- Weekend Classes

- 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Golden Hour Photography & Action Photography

  • 15 Days
  • 5 live sessions 2 hours each
  • Weekend Classes
  • Online Classes (Zoom)
  • Both Hindi & English

Beginner & Intermediate

  • After the course you will be in touch with the mentors to discuss any problem you face in the field. 
  • Permanent access to the private Facebook group
  • Over 10 Hours of live classes with the mentor
  • Image reviews by the mentor
  • Assignments  
  • E-Certificate on request
  • Indian Nationals: Rs. 6,850/-
  • Others: $ 109 USD


(c)Aarzoo Khurana Photography